Saturday, 18 April 2020

Once upon a time...

For a dear person, who is reading this blog :)

Let me tell you the beginning of these travels and how I began to cycle :) 

Maybe you also love traveling and spending time in the natural environment - for example, forest, near the lake and etc. It sounds nice, huh? 

Such time is so relaxing and enjoyable, it is the time when you can be alone, rethink your life. That's why some people choose cycling.
That was for me too. I was kind of bored with a traditional way of traveling by bus or plane and wanted something new. Then I came with an idea to start cycling. Cycling is really cheap, eco-friendly and healthy. Also, what I liked doing cycling is an opportunity to feel an environment around you, to take a look at a different landscape and find some really awesome places that could not be found while going by car.

My first 10 kilometer rides were taken near my home, just riding to sit next to the river or to enjoy the magical landscape while sitting next to the lake. during these rides, I felt enjoyment, adrenaline, feelings that were motivating me to get better results and to break boundaries.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

About me and this blog :)

About me

Hello everyone, nice to meet you! I'm Goja, a passionate traveller and photographer :) 

About this blog

This blog is mainly about nontraditional travels, an experience of the selection process to studies abroad, etc. I am travelling by bike to different places that are not really crowded and maybe they are not really popular among tourists, they are still undiscovered ones. 

Also, last year I was submitting my application for bilateral studies in Japan for an academic year at my home university. I know, that there is almost no information about such processes, so, therefore, I am planning to write about it :)